Iron Grip Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews

  • Glayton Melo is a fantastic coach and very knowledgeable about the sport. He has the ability to perform the techniques he teaches perfectly himself and then he’s able to breakdown each move so that each student can understand.

    Johnny G.
  • Glayton is a knowledgeable practitioner, a gifted athlete, and a fantastic instructor. Training is informative and the environment is welcoming and inclusive, regardless of level or experience. He’ll give you his time, energy, and support, whatever your training goals may be.

    Cassie R.
  • I’ve had the honor of learning Jiu-Jitsu from Glayton Melo over the past 1.5 years. He has helped me find, tune and expand my game by breaking complex (to me) positions and transitions into more conceptual precepts. He is incredibly knowledgable, patient and kind with more tricks up his proverbial sleeve than he lets on. Highly recommend.

    Ian A.
  • Glayton is a knowledgeable pro and excels at teaching the complex in simple, easy to understand steps. If you are just starting out or refining your submission game, studying with Glayton is a great way to see real results. Your only limit will be the speed at which you can learn from him and the team.

    Mark K.

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