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Iron Grip Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews

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April P.

Clayton and the rest of the gym were extremely welcoming. The gym and the instructor are legit, and highly recommend training long-term or a drop-in!

Justin B.

A family more than anything! Great people fill the gym who are all extremely welcoming and helpful. Glayton is a master at his trade. He creates an awesome, fun environment while also maintaining a true focus on learning BJJ

Woody T.

Been training here for 2 years and have learned about far more than martial arts.  Glayton has a very special energy that you can’t just find anywhere.  If you want to find your inner demons and fight and beat them then this is the place for you. You will always leave feeling better about yourself.

Alex O.

Iron Grip Jiu Jitsu is very fun with a lot of people in all different skill levels Glayton is a great coach i have learned a ton of skills 🥋

Anthony T.

Took my first BJJ class at Irongrip Jiu Jitsu with Glayton Melo. He was super helpful and welcoming! I would highly recommend stopping by for a class and meeting Glayton if you are interested in BJJ in the Raleigh area!

Blayne H.

If you want to learn Brazilian Jiujitsu from a master, you need to train at Iron Grip. Glayton is enthusiastic, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable. He ensures that your training partners are polite, helpful, and stay on task. Try Iron Grip before you try anything else.

Jackson T.

Instructor Glayton is an amazing jiu-jitsu coach. He has a tremendous amount of experience and a very soft touch. His patience and attention to detail helped me feel safe in this new environment. I have trained other styles before and was very impressed at the quality of instruction from this school.

Evan R.

Iron grip Jiu Jitsu has been a blessing in my life. Glayton is a real gem and a true hero! It has made all aspects of life better.

So when I say “Iron Grip“.... you say “Jiu Jitsu!”

“Iron Grip”

Kelsey B.

The instruction at Irongrip Jiujitsu is absolutely world class. I have been training for over 15 years and Glayton is one of the best martial artist I have ever known. Whether you are seasoned pro or just thinking about starting your training, this is the place for you!

Johnny G.

Glayton Melo is a fantastic coach and very knowledgeable about the sport. He has the ability to perform the techniques he teaches perfectly himself and then he’s able to breakdown each move so that each student can understand.

Cassie R.

Glayton is a knowledgeable practitioner, a gifted athlete, and a fantastic instructor. Training is informative and the environment is welcoming and inclusive, regardless of level or experience. He’ll give you his time, energy, and support, whatever your training goals may be.

Ian A.

I’ve had the honor of learning Jiu-Jitsu from Glayton Melo over the past 1.5 years. He has helped me find, tune and expand my game by breaking complex (to me) positions and transitions into more conceptual precepts. He is incredibly knowledgable, patient and kind with more tricks up his proverbial sleeve than he lets on. Highly recommend.

Mark K.

Glayton is a knowledgeable pro and excels at teaching the complex in simple, easy to understand steps. If you are just starting out or refining your submission game, studying with Glayton is a great way to see real results. Your only limit will be the speed at which you can learn from him and the team.

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