Glayton Melo

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu near Raleigh

Glayton Melo

Glayton started doing jiu jitsu as a teenager in 2000 at Nova União in Pernambuco, Brazil. Nova União is one of the largest, strongest and most dominant Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA teams in the world, enabling Glayton to training alongside fellow jiu jitsu black belts and MMA athletes. The highly competitive atmosphere provided Glayton the opportunity to achieve success at dozens of competitions across Brazil at all belt levels. Shortly after earning his black belt, Glayton became a SWAT(CHOQUE) officer in the Pernambuco Police Force, and was able to apply his fast submission techniques to real-world self-defense situations. Glayton's style of jiu jitsu centers around effective transitions, fluid sweeps, and quick submissions. His favorite techniques include dynamic movement from butterfly guard and x-guard, attaining back control, and submissions with chokes, wrist and arm locks.

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